Tuesday, September 27, 2011



I used to know my real birthday but somewhere along the way I've forgotten it. I could have put in a request for a public records search but I would have to kiss too many feet and if i have to do that i would rather it be for something more important than a day no one will ever celebrate, least of all me. They asked me to pick a date for myself because they needed it for my certificate of verification so I picked April 1st. They think it is because that is the day they brought me in for tagging; they think it is a sign that I have finally accepted my fate. Maybe it is true that I have accepted my fate since there doesn't seem any way out of it, but that isn't the reason I picked the date.

There are bits and pieces of the memories of my early years that are missing but the one thing I remember with perfect clarity is the day my family died. It was April 1st. That was the day I was born into my new reality and it is as good as any to pick for a birthdate, and true in a way only another street rat could understand.

I also used to remember and use my old name but that old identity was burned away just as surely as the bodies of my family that had been carted away to be incinerated along the thousands upon thousands who were dying every day around the world. I think something must have broken in me that day, turned cold and hard. I refused to cooperate with the ones that came to take me away, refused to answer any of their questions, certainly refused to answer them when they started calling me Jane Doe 1062. In the end they simply started calling me Girl. Eventually that is all anyone called me as it was the only thing I would half way respond to.

If you look at my ID badge today this is my designation:
Name: Gurl Noname
DOB: April 1st
Age: approx 17
Status: verified female, matched, transport imminent


  1. Ya know, I read this, this morning and now I've read it again and I noticed something. Her "status". It says " matched"!! That does not sound good.

  2. Gurl! How did I miss this. You snuck it in on me.
    I haven't even read the start and am excited. LOL

    As I've said many times, I don't know how you do it.
    Thank you Kathy.

  3. You naughty girl you, you started another great story for us.